/What Does Blood Type Have to Do With Friendly Bacteria

What Does Blood Type Have to Do With Friendly Bacteria

There are three things actually.

  • First, your blood type antigens are actually prominent in your digestive tract and, in about 80% of individuals (secretors), are also prominent in the mucus that lines your digestive tract. Because of this, many of the bacteria in your digestive tract actually use your blood type as a preferred food supply. In fact, blood group specificity is common among intestinal bacteria with almost 1/2 of strains tested showing some blood type A, B, or O specificity. To give you an idea of the magnitude of the blood type influence on intestinal microflora, it has been estimated that someone with blood type B will have up to 50,000x more of some strains of friendly bacteria than either blood type A or O individuals.
  • Second, some strains of beneficial bacteria actually can have lectinlike hemagglutinin activity directed against your blood type, so avoiding those is a good idea.
  • Polyflora Blood Type Specific Probiotics also blend ‘prebiotics’ (foods which provide special growth factors for probiotic bacteria) that are right for each type. For more information on Polyflora Probiotics go to the WellSpring profile on FaceBook, click the link for your type:

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