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A WellSpring of Natural Health, PC

Traditions and Innovations

We weave an evolving person-centered healthcare strategy serving your needs and values applying naturopathy, Chinese medicine, homeopathy, herbs and other living traditions of natural medicine. Our medicine emerges as we guide your care and support your self-cultivation.

Mitchell Bebel Stargrove, Lori Stargrove

Health Care

You are at the center of your health and medical care. Your vitality and self-healing are your richest resources in treating medical conditions, optimizing your health and activating your creative self. All clinical care pivots around your needs, values and choices. You thrive when your health, your relationships and the systems of life on Earth align, when the Vis in you expresses Gaia.


Working Together

Living natural systems function through dynamic relationships. You are at the center of your self-healing processes and medical relationships. Your communication with and coordination and collaboration among the healthcare practitioners who serve you significantly influence your health, medical choices and real life outcomes. You and the life that flows through you are the wellspring of health. Interactions enable opportunities.

Mitch Stargrove, Lori Stargrove, Sara Snyder