Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions

Your charges will vary from visit to visit depending on factors such as the length of your visit, the complexity of your case, and any procedures beyond your office consultation. Your first visit as a patient will typically be more expensive (and more in-depth) than a return visit. You are welcome to call if you have further questions.

WellSpring welcomes all patients. The terms of your insurance policy and its riders may or may not cover the care you receive at WellSpring. The terms of the Affordable Care Act requires that acupuncture or naturopathic medical services be covered in accordance with licensing of providers and their respective scope of practice as defined by the State of Oregon. Specifically, Section 2706 – the provider non-discrimination provision of the Public Health Service Act as amended by the Affordable Care Act mandates that insurance coverage prohibits insurance companies from discriminating against naturopathic physicians (or any other provider for that matter)  when the ND is treating the same conditions or performing the same services that the insurer would otherwise cover. You may bill your insurance directly using the forms we provide or we will submit insurance claims for you.

We offer a direct payment discount to those who pay for their services at the time of the office visit and for whom no billing is done by WellSpring.
The direct payment discount is typically 20%. A receipt will be provided that you may use to bill your insurance directly for reimbursement.

If we bill for the service provided, whether to your insurance company or otherwise, you will not be eligible for a direct payment discount for that portion of your billed services because we will be processing your claim. You will be eligible for a direct payment discount for the portion of services you pay for directly at the time of service. You may choose to bill your insurance yourself for the whole claim and receive the direct payment discount by paying the full amount due at the time of service.

We will continue to send claims for covered services and you will be responsible for those services that are not covered.

You will owe the remaining balance due. You will not be eligible for a direct payment discount since the full amount was not paid at the time of your office visit.

Yes, we will be glad to process the claim with your insurance company. However, the direct payment discount you received will be reversed since billing services will then be provided.

Some patients, such as seniors, may receive a discount in recognition of their status or service. We are honored to provide these special status discounts.

Currently Medicare does not cover medical care provided by naturopathic physicians or licensed acupuncturists. We welcome seniors at WellSpring and will submit your claim to Medicare so that upon being denied we can then submit your claim to your secondary coverage provider if there is a benefit. You are responsible for informing WellSpring that you are receiving Medicare coverage at the time of your first visit.

WellSpring does not sell herbs, nutrients or other medications nor does WellSpring bill third parties for such materials.
A statement of medical necessity for such prescribed items will be provided upon your request.

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