Gratitude 2017-04-16T16:26:24+00:00

Deep gratitude to…

Christopher Thombs for elegance, perseverance and vision; Katlyn Breene for midwifing the vision of the WellSpring logo; Raphael Stargrove, Capra J’Neva and Carrie Iverson for design and graphics implementation through many years of evolution; and to our families, especially our children, Sage, Tara and Raphael, and grandson Henry Luis; Peter and Martha D’Adamo, Pamela Snider and Nicki Scully for nourishing our vision; our Ancestors in the lineages of medicine that root us deeply within the flow of Nature’s self-organizing wisdom and power;and perhaps most of all, each person who is or has been our patient, for inspiration, challenges and self-healing that makes health and self-actualization possible.

Thank you.

A WellSpring of Natural Health, PC